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Take a vintage toy in your hands.  Feel it , smell it. If you're old enough , you will conjure up images of the good old fashioned toy shop , or a seaside kiosk selling yachts with their sails fluttering in the wind. Every boy wanted a 'Star' or a Sutcliffe boat to sail in the paddling pool or on the boating lake. At home you built Keil Kraft models , either rubber powered or with a glow or diesel engine.

How many of us had Davies Charlton glow engines ? Keil Kraft ready to fly (crash !) Hurricanes? Cox Stukas ?

And North Pacific gliders, aren't they great ? I must have spent a fortune on these great balsa gliders from USA, of which Sleek Streek was my favourite. There are many more. Explore these pages and see more glorious toys for boys.

Welcome to Boys' Vintage Toys.

You are most welcome to browse these pages and view these lovely toys from such distinguished makers such as Sutcliffe , Hornby , Triang and Bowman to name but a few. This site reflects my favourite toys . Although predominantly English toys feature on this site , there are lovely toys from Hong Kong , USA and Japan. Telsalda boats,Playart Submarines and boats , and Cox glow engined aeroplanes amongst them. I am a child of the sixties and seventies , born in 1963 . I love old traditional toys , especially toy boats and the content of this site largely reflects this. The toys kids used to play with before the advent of gameboys and the like. If you would like more pictures , larger pictures or simply more information on any toy, please do not hesitate to contact  me. Some are for sale , some aren't .  Unless otherwise stated , all toys are in perfect mechanical order.

You may  just be curious about these toys , but have no desire to own one. I simply love to talk,discuss and learn from other collectors. E-mail or phone - I'm just a friendly postman who loves to talk (bore other people) about boys' vintage toys.

If you wish to purchase any toy, please enquire, as it may be for sale. If it is , you may pay cheque,postal order or bank transfer.The prices you see exclude postage and insurance.  The price for postage and packing will be the cheapest I can find without compromising the quality of the service.

You are most welcome to pick up your purchase from my house. If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund any monies paid.  

I wish you to be happy with your purchase . Not only are my toys from a fast fading era , but so is the service I like to offer. 

The site is always being added to , so if an area of the site is empty , please send me an e-mail, and I will try to develop that part of the site sooner, rather than later.

If you have any comments , good or bad , or some information I have given on the site is wrong, again use the 'Get in touch' button, and let me know. I do not profess to be an expert on any toys. I am just an enthusiastic collector.


Smell and feel the past !!


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