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Hong Kong Empire Made. Telsalda etc.

Telsalda ferry blue Telsalda ferry red Telsalda air blue

Telsalda blue ferry boat complete with the two trains. The bow and stern visors lift. Has a clockwork motor and a plastic key. 8 inches long. In a lovely box with nice artwork. Getting rare now.

Red version of the Telsalda ferry boat.

Using the same hull as the ferry boats, the aircaft carrier has five little planes . Incredible that they have survived about 40 years. Complete with the original plastic key.

Telsalda air red

Red version of the Telsalda aircraft carrier.

Telsaldaelectriclifeboat1 Telsaldaelectriclifeboat2

Another Telsalda lifeboat, this time battery powered. The battery required is 3 volt, 7.5 cms long and 2 cm diameter and is no longer available today, therefore if one wants to sail it you have to improvise. The battery is housed under the cabin.

Yet another battery powered Telsalda lifeboat with a  great illustration on the box of the boat on its way to help the crew of a stricken cargo boat. The illustrations on these boxes are lovely to behold in their own right, conjuring up images of the adventures you were going to have, if you could persuade your mum or dad to give you the money to buy it.


A lovely Telsalda clockwork lifeboat. Apart from the lovely lifeboat , the artwork on the box is great. Sails very nicely , and is complete with the oft missing mast.

TelsaldaAngus TelsaldaHercules

Telsalda Hercules clockwork tug.

Suprisngly rare to find today. This is a lovely example with the deck fittings not even having been removed from the bag. The Hercules was a copy of the Scalex Dawn Tug.

Although the Hercules was not made to the same standard as the Scalex , it exudes a lovely charm as a colourful simple boat for playing with at the sea side.

Telsalda Angus clockwork drifter.

Again quite difficult to find a good example , indeed any example,today. A copy of the Penguin Drifter and a lot rarer too.

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