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Sutcliffe Pull along boat.

Sutcliffe Tiger. Fitted with a more powerful clockwork motor than the other 9" hulled boats , the Tiger really went quickly (for the time , and for clockwork power !).

The 'engine hatch cover' seems to indicate that the clockwork motor could be serviced or removed by removing the cover , but this is sadly not the case.

Removing the cover reveals no aperture , just the deck.

A really nice boat in a beautifully illustrated box.

Sutcliffe Pull Along 001

The only non - powered boat in the Sutcliffe range.

A simple pull along boat that used some parts of the superstructure from the Grenville destroyer. Has no rudder . This humble boat has to be one of the rarer boats in the Sutcliffe range. I bought it off ebay , and I hadn't seen one before , and I haven't seen one since. 9 inches long.

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