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Sutcliffe Minxs'

Minx Plastic 001

Sutcliffe Minx from around 1960. Quite a rare Sutcliffe boat , firstly because most buyers preferred the traditional tinplate, and also because the plastic construction is relatively fragile. Same running gear as the 12'' hulled tinplates such as Hawk and Commodore.

You must be careful when winding up the boat as the deck can crack quite easily.

Sutcliffe Minx 1980 001

Sutcliffe Minx from 1980. As you can see it uses the same hull pressings from the pre -war hulls , and also uses the windscreen used for the Tiger speedboat. The box is the same box as used for the Hawk with a factory applied green label printed 'Minx' on both ends. This is a mint example with a mint box. The key is in the original paper bag. A lovely example.


Pre War Minx . Very similar to the 1980 Minx except the windscreen is different.

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