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Sutcliffe Meteor / Zodiac / Commodore (Kit)


SutcliffeZodiac SutclifeMeteorPlastic

Sutcliffe Meteor. 16 inches long and is powered by a clockwork motor similar to those fitted to the metal hulled 12 inched Hawk and Commodore. Much lighter than the Hawk and the Commodore , it seems faster maybe due to sitting higher the water.

The Meteor and Zodiac did not sell well compared to the metal hulled boats, and were not in production for too long.

Sutcliffe Zodiac. Exactly the same dimensions as the clockwork powered Meteor. Has the toggle push button switch on the battery cover. Has a smaller diameter propeller than the Meteor , but has 3 blades. Note the sheet accompanying the boat - I do not know if photocopying was generally available about 1960 , and if it wasn't , every one of these leaflets must have had to been typed individually !


Plastic hulled Commodore. This is the only kit Sutcliffe ever made. Most probably made to appeal to boys who liked making Airfix kits. I purchased this already made. The finished product is not the best in the world , but I am pleased to have an example of this rare boat.

Battery powered. It appears to have the same hull and motor etc. as the Zodiac.