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Sutcliffe Comets and Janes

The Sutcliffe Comets are most probably the most common of all Sutcliffe boats , but a slightly modified version , Jane , is one of the rarest.

Sutcliffe Blue Comet 001 Sutcliffe Yellow Comet 001

Sutcliffe Comet. A lovely example in a simple , but very appealing box. One of my favourite Sutcliffe boats in a jolly yellow. I would have thought that this would have been one of the cheapest Sutcliffe boats for its time.

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Sutcliffe Comet in blue. Note the different decal on the foredeck.

Sutcliffe Jane with rails 001

Sutcliffe Jane with the rails on the 'engine hatch cover'. There were very few Janes made.This boat was supplied in a very basic corrugated box as shown in the picture.

Sutcliffe Jane without rails 001

A more basic version of Jane without rails and no deck fitting in front of the windscreen. Supplied in a plain white box. Unfortunately , I now believe this is one of the many fake Janes unfortunately being sold these days. I , and other collectors, believe this is because it is relatively easy to modify the very common

Comet to make a passable Jane that may fool collectors. I was fooled !