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Sutcliffe Boats 1920 - 1981

Sutcliffe toy boats are beautifully made toys. Hornby and Bowman boats may be finer in workmanship , but Sutcliffe boats are colourful and jolly , just like the seaside. Sutcliffe boats were made in Horsforth near Leeds, Yorkshire and are my personal favourite toys. Making a range of boats and submarines powered by clockwork , batteries and sometimes water coil Sutcliffe made beautiful , simple colourful toys that are simply a joy to hold. With a beautiful whiry , clonky sound from their mechanisms , they were the toys I used to gaze at longingly through the window of the seaside toy shops and kiosks. I bought a cream coloured Sprite and a yellow coloured Sea Wolf when on holiday in Beaumaris , Anglesey in the mid seventies.They are still in my collection , but are much the worse for wear.

Sutcliffe Valiant 1978

Sutcliffe Valiant made in 1978 as a copy of the Pre-war Valiant . It differs from the earlier Valiant in that it is wound between the funnels and has a flag fitted. This is a

beautiful mint working example.The transfers are clear and beautiful. Complete with all original mast , flag , stand and key. The box is also beautiful with only very minor rubs.

uk-great-britain1-thumb uk-great-britain1-thumb


Sutcliffe Diana 1981

Sutcliffe Diana made in 1981 in commemoration of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Only 375 of these were made. This is a mint example complete with original key and original flag in the original brown paper bag. The mechanism works flawlessly. The box is similar mint condition.

The later issue of the Nautilus from 1976. Note the darker shade of green and the hole in the rudder. Supplied with short key in the original paper bag.

Sutcliffe Late Nautilus 001 Sutcliffe Late Sea Wolf 001

The later and less rare Sea Wolf. Note the static missile illustration on the box. Supplied with a long key so not as to foul the persicopes when winding.

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