Boys' Vintage Toys

Beautiful toys from yesteryear

On many holidays to my grandmother's and step grandfather's house in Beaumaris , Anglesey I spent all my spending money on toy boats. I bought a couple of Sutcliffes , but I also bought Telsalda , Playart and a few other plastic electric and clockwork boats.

A few of this type are shown here. At the time they were considered cheap because of their plastic construction. Looking at them now , they seem detailed and very well made. The Telsalda lifeboats are splendid and are amongst my favourite toy boats.

Lovely boats made in the former British Colony of Hong Kong - fantastic.


Playart Torpedo boat with 'Hi-Rev' Gold seal motor. The 'submarine' motor could be detached from the hull . It was powered by one Pencell or HP7 which is the modern AA. The boat had a suprising turn of speed considering it was powered by only one cell.


The fantastic Playart submarines were definitely one of my favourite toys of my child hood. The submarine on the right is the earlier version powered by the same slide on motor that powers the Playart Torpedo boat.

These submarines dived and surfaced repeatedly . You could adjust the depth they dived to , and also make them cruise on the surface. The submarine on the left is the 'improved' version powered by two Penlite (HP7 , AA) batteries , as opposed to the single Penlite of the earlier version, held vertically under the torpedo behind the conning tower. I and a friend had endless fun with these when we were kids. Superb toys.


This jolly Playart  'Sturdee' tug is one of the many Playart boats issued by the Hong Kong company in the sixties / seventies.

The single AA cell  is housed in the funnel. The tug is turned on by twisting the funnel.

Unlike many Playart boats and submarines, which used the external 'submarine'  motor , the motor is housed internally.

Playartfrogman Playartdolphin Misc boats 181115 002 DSCF6776