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North Pacific, USA

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North Pacfic aeroplanes are wonderful toys that I first came across in a local toy shop in Urmston , nr. Manchester in the early seventies. I was simply amazed at how well they flew. From the cheapest Strato costing 5p to Star Flyer costing 38p they gave me untold fun ,and taught me the basics of flight. What happens if I take the weight off the glider's nose ? What happens if I push the wings further forwards or backwards ? I know I sound like the ageing duffer that I am , but I'm sure the kids of today are missing out hugely because these type of toys are not available to them. I know they can buy similar toys from specialist shops and web sites , but when they were available from corner shops, newsagents and toy shops , kids' curiosity like mine was aroused and they thought they might as well see what they were like. A few pence was handed over , and the world of flight was opened up to them.