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I bought this delightful toy in Kefalonia in 2006 - therefore not exactly in keeping with this site , but it is certainly in the style of vintage toys of the 60s and 70s era. I bought it originally for my son , but I kept a careful eye on it , and made sure it didn't get broken. As soon as I sensed a loss of interest , I pinched it back and put it in a safe place. It uses an AA cell inserted under the cap where his bottom would be ! Has small wheels under his chest and knees which allows the diver to move forward on a smooth floor, as well as in the water. Cost 9 euros.


Outboard motor recommended to powered by a single 1.5 volt cell. Made by Selcol in the England. About  4 1/4 inches tall. Original price 4/11 - just short of 25p . I'll take 10 please.

Yugoboat ThomasMayersSuperJet

Thomas Mayer of North Brighton 6 inch metal super jet boat. A lovely boat.

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Victory Industries Miss England powered by a simple coil engine. To say the boat is not as fast as it looks is an understatement. I would say 1 mph (or should that be knot).

Kleeware speedboat 12"

Submarine Motor In Packet