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HongKongTugand Trawler

A tug and a trawler both with the 'submarine' motor. Uses one Penlite / HP7 battery. The modern equivalent is the AA.
They positively 'whiz' across the pool. Not particularly scale speed , but fun to watch !


9 inch long pleasure cruiser powered by 2 'AA' penlite batteries. Has a switch at the rear of the cabin which gives stop in the centre , forward and reverse.  

Lovely little 7 and half inched hulled speedboat. Uses 1 'C' cell. The battery seems a little large for such a small boat , but she sails well with it , albeit a little low at the stern.
I would have thought an AA or even an AAA battery would have suited better. With today's batteries being far superior to the batteries available when these toys were made , it is better to use a battery adaptor that allows one to use a physically smaller battery. This boat perfoms very nicely with a AAA battery.
It states on the box 'You can put the battery in the boat'. Where else ! 'Moulded in tough plastic'. No 372. The illustration of a young man and lady is lovely and adds to the period charm of the toy.

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Louis Marx of Swansea Lumarine 11 inch plastic speedboat. Powered by two HP11 'C' cells. Look at the lovely graphics on the box. The graphics on the boxes of some of these old vintage toys are as nice as the toys themselves.

9" Harrow speedbird. Powered by two 'AA'cells. I have not seen many of these about. Has 'Ray's' with a small crown stamped on the underside of the hull with the the number 1776. Cells are under the removable deck behind the cockpit.The switch is nice small chromed lever in the cockpit between the seats. A very pleasing little boat. A nice example of the very underestimated in my opinion Hong Kong toy boats.


Hong Kong Laurie toys 8 inch speedboat. Unfortunately missing a couple of parts , but nevertheless it is nice to have any example of these less than common boats. Powred by 2 HP7 'AA' cells , it has forward and reverse controlled by the white lever at the stern of the boat.

Hong Kong made Aquacar. I didn't have one of these as a kid , but my friend did ! 9 inches long. The forward and reverse switch is the lifebelt on the roof. Simultaneously drives the two rear wheels and the propeller. Can drive on land and water. Powered by two HP11 'C' batteries. Sadly now sold.

Clifford toys 12 inch clockwork speedboat. The graphics on this box are simply marvellous, especially the buoy and the pier

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Oh boy it's a Lincoln toy ! Lincoln Catmaran powered by 2 HP11'C' cells , one under each cover of the pontoons.
Motor powers the air propeller. 8 1/2 inches long.

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