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About Me

My name is Michael Brownhill ,55 years young and love boys' old toys !

I may be past the bloom of youth , but I still love playing with toy boats and yachts , running from one side of the boating pool to another.

I live in Lymm with my family . I have a lovely wife Julie and three kids who are tolerable , Thomas 32 , Gemma 29 and Christopher 23.

I have an extensive collection of boats mainly from the sixties and seventies ,and also have a few planes and cars , but toy boats are my favourite.

I am no expert on vintage toys (or anything else for that matter!), but I have a child like enthusiasm for the toys of my childhood.

If you would like to buy any of the toys featured on this site , or would just like a chat , then give me a call.

If there is no answer , it may be because we have had a very high number of junk calls , and I have we have decided not to pick up. Please leave a message , and I will get back to you as soon as possible.