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Keil Kraft,Wicklow Essex



I like most control flyers of about 45 years, or maybe a bit older would have wanted or had a Hurricane powered by a .049 cu. ins. Testors / Mccoy glow engine . The walk to the local flying field , AD4 Ever Ready battery , glow lead ,pint tin of glow fuel and the Hurricane carried by yourself and a willing helper.
The anticipation of getting the engine going. The screaming engine . the smell of the burnt glow fuel , the raised voice to your helper and you're off. Happy memories .... Somehow modern radio control doesn't seem to so exciting . Notice the AD4 1.5 volt radio battery or correctly called a cell in the top left hand corner with the green Hurricane. These cost a small fortune and were obviously not rechargeable. I remember trying to start the engine for ages knowing in my heart that the battery was way past its best , but knowing I couldn't afford a new one. These planes flew really well , and flew far better than the Cox Stukas that were also available at the time.

Keil Kraft Hurricane Green
Keil Kraft Silver Hurricane 005