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Hornby boats from the great city and port of Liverpool.



Beautifully built Hornby boats are very well constructed. Made at the famous Binns road factory in Liverpool which also made Hornby trains, Dinky cars and Meccano. Hornby boats have beautiful lines and were more suited and priced for the older boy whose mum or dad had a bit of money to splash on expensive toys. I have only a few Hornby boats especially when compared to the number of Sutcliffe boats I have.


The Racer III at just uner 16 inches long is one larger Hornby boats. Pre-war and in beautiful condition.
It has the original instruction leaflet which states ,'During the summer months every active boy wants to be out in the open air as much as possible and when he is out he wants to be something not just loafing about.' Indeed.

Hornby Viking

Hornby Viking.

Hornby Venture Red

Hornby Venture.

Misc boats 010

Hornby Curlew.

Hornby Venture Green

Hornby Venture.

Hornby Gleam 001

The Hornby Gleam.I have heard rumours that Sutcliffe made the hulls for Hornby. I am not so sure , as although the hulls are of a similar length and shape to the smaller Sutcliffe boats , they are slightly slimmer.


Hornby Hawk.


Hornby Racer 1. Beautifully made at the Binns Road factory. Pre-war. Clockwork powered and just under 9 inches long. Generally better quality than my personal favourites Sutcliffes, especially in the construction of the motor.

various boats 021

Horny Hawk. Coronation Edition.


Hornby Hawk.


Hornby Hawk.