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Glow / Compression Ignition Engines

Ah, the smell of glow fuel . Arrrrhhhh b****y *ell , the kick back of a glow engine !! I

It was almost a right of passage in my child hood to jump around the garden after getting a kick from a small glow engine. I still have the slight bump on my index finger even after all these years. Mainly from my ignorance , and in no small part from not having the patience to read the instructions or the trouble shooting guide properly the flooded engine would kick back.

I look back with rose tinted specs on the many hours starting and playing with glow engines just for the sound and the smell , and not least the sense of acheivement of getting the little b*gg*r to start.

I spent large parts of my paper round money on Davies Charlton glow engines from the model shop in Manchester. I cannot remember the cost of an AD4 radio cell in the mid to late seventies , but it was a lot. Such a lot , I remember warming the battery to get a bit more energy out of the thing.

I had the Cox Stuka. I eventually got the plane started - I got the plane off the ground - I crashed it very shortly afterwards -  very ,very shortly. I still have a few bits of that Stuka. I also have a couple lovely unflown Stukas that are definitely grounded. Anyhow, here a few examples of the lovely little engines that powered many a control line plane.


Davies Charlton Wasp glow plug engine of 0.8 cm3 or 0.049 cu ins. capacity. A lovely little engine that would power many free flight models and small control line models.Davies Charlton engines were manufactured in the Isle of Man .

PAW (Progress Aero Works) diesel engine of 1.49 cm3 or 0.91 cu ins. to power larger free flight , control line or even smaller radio control planes. PAW engines were and still are manufactured in Macclesfield,England.


Davies Charlton Dart diesel engine of 0.55 cm3 or .036 cu ins.capacity to power small free flight models.


PAW diesel engine of 1.00 cm3 or 0.06 cu ins. This model is supplied with the throttle valve to allow the engine speed to varied in flight by means of RC or other means.

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