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Cox control line from good ol' USA.


Again powered by the Cox 049 glow engine, this is the Stuka Black Knight.
The plane itself is in immaculate condition , but the box as you can see is a little torn at the corner. The Cox Stuka is not known for being such a good flyer. I had one in my early teens , and crashed it after a couple of flights. The plastic it is made from is quite brittle.It is with these thoughts in mind that this one is definitely grounded. My mate's Keil Kraft Hurricane flew far better as I remember. The plastic the Hurricane was made from was also far more flexible , and didn't suffer the same in a crash.

Here we have a lovely Cox Spitfire powered by an 049 Cox engine. This model is in excellent condition. Only a few oil stains on the decals and a very minor crack where the undercarriage attaches are the the only flaws. The glowhead is OK and the engine turns freely with excellent compression. The engine has been stripped and lubricated and all air / fuel passages are clear.

Wen Mac Turbojet 002
Cox Tri and yellow Unda 001
Cox Green Stuka 011

Lovely Green Cox Stuka. Exactly the same as the black Stuka but obviously in green and much rarer especially in this lovely condition.
All original except for the antenna that I made myself. A lovely example. I bought it from a chap in Germany too !

Cox Tri and yellow Unda 002