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As with all items on my web site , please do not hesitate to ask for more pictures if you require. Even if you have no intention of buying , but would just like better pictures of an item.

Sutcliffe Fury 015

Sutcliffe Fury. One of the rarer Sutcliffe boats especially in this condition. I would think this boat has never been used. Minor corrosion on the superstructure . Unfortunately , corrosion like this affects Sutcliffe boats , but considering this boat is 60 years old it is in remarkable condition. I would be very suspicious of any Sutcliffe Fury not showing any signs of blemishes on the superstructure. Clockwork motor works beautifully. Complete with original key and original mast in the original paper bag. The box is crisp and bright with all flaps and only minor imperfections . £175 to add to your collection.

Penguin Cruiser 031114 001
Hornby Hawk 031114 001

Hornby Hawk made in Liverpool in approx. 1934 - 1937 in obviously used but in fully functioning condition with a good motor. Nice clear decals and with a box that is complete with all flaps and has operating and maintenance instructions on the reverse. As with all my toys more pictures sent on request. £90.

Lovely Penguin cruiser. Obviosly unused and looks brand new. Stamped Triang and Made in England.Unused and in lovely condition with original key. Strong running clockwork motor. Lovely box with only minor imperfections. You would be very hard pressed to find a better example. £35

Sutcliffe Sprite 031114 001

Sutcliffe Sprite from the mid seventies in fully working condition with clear stopper indicating that this was one of the last Sprites to be made by Sutcliffes. All decals are clear and intact. A lttle paint bubbling in front of the windscreen . Very strong clockwork motor.
A lovely little boat. Supplied with a generic but suitable key. £25 - SOLD

Sutcliffe Tiger unboxed. In very good condition. Complete with original stopper and non original key. Very strong clockwork motor.
£35. - SOLD.

12 " Kings tug boat made in Hong kong 60s / 70s. 'New old stock' complete with accessories still in unopened packet and pennant still taped to top of cabin. I put batteries in just to check if it works - and it does in both forward and reverse. Still has cardboard tear out in carton that would be have been taken off and discarded if it had been in the shop window. You will not find better than this. £50.