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Spares / Bits and Bobs

I am quite adept at fixing all manor of things , but I have limited facilities.
If you are requiring a part , or are in need of help of any kind , e-mail me and you never know - advice is always free. I have a few spares that may be of use. I have made various minor Sutcliffe parts for example , masts ,flags , windscreens , aerials etc. If you require one, I may be able to make you one for a modest fee. Unfortunately , I have no Sutcliffe genuine keys or motor parts.I have also made quite acceptable radio antennas for the Keil Kraft Hurricane.

Fury  Snappy  Mast 001
Penguin key 001

COPY Sutcliffe flag as used on the Hawk , Commodore, Kestrel and Merlin 12 " hulled boats. Not original , but certainly looks a lot better than no flag at all !
Only £7.50 .

COPY Sutcliffe mast used on the Fury Torpedo boat. Again took a while , but looks good. Price to make you one £15.

Penguin key as supplied with Penguin Annie , Penguin Drifter , Penguin Clyde Cruiser and with many Scalex boats. This is an original key . £8.

Sutcliffe early Nautilus Stopper 002

COPY Stopper / Periscope for the early Sutcliffe Unda Wunda and Nautilus submarines. £13.

COPY Stopper / periscope for the Sutcliffe Sea Wolf. £8.

COPY Radar mast for Sutcliffe Kestrel or Commodore. £10.
COPY Windscreen for Sutcliffe Kestrel or Commodore. £8.